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An Afternoon to Remember


The book reading event of Shaheen Must Die was conducted on the 24th of February at the Oxford Bookstore, New Delhi. The afternoon was filled with much beauty and a certain charm as music met literature in a fitting event for the enigmatic character of the story.

The afternoon started with the moderator and noted journalist Sangita Menon who introduced the author and the book. This was followed by a reading from a particularly heart tugging chapter of the book where the army officer met the love of his life for the first time. The audience was literally holding on to its collective breath as the reading came to an end. Maj Gen Jha then came forth to speak about the prolific author and his awe inspiring journey in life.

This was followed by an enthralling question and answer session where much joy, laughter and motivation was shared. Capt Rakesh Walia announced that the book is now available on Amazon, Kindle, Flipkart and Oxford Bookstore (New Delhi).

Musician Ashish then came forth to strum a few tunes which left the crowd in a beatific mood.

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Out Now – On Amazon and Kindle!


Greetings to all of you from Capt Rakesh Walia,

I would like to introduce you all to a very special project that I have been working on. But, first I would like to talk about the key ingredient that went into this project – Faith.

With faith, I have managed to overcome a number of adversities in life – starting from my childhood to my life as an army officer and then in the corporate world. Now, as I build my author brand, I would like to invite you all to not only read this book – but to also look within yourselves and find your true calling. I have reached thus far with a sense of creativity and the burning urge to tell a story. So what is your story?

While on the subject of the book, I would like to firstly mention that it is a culmination of my imagination and is only the start point of my life as a fiction author. Shaheen is a character that represents the inner trappings that challenge us and I have used this character to showcase patriotism and the love of a parent for his child as well. The book revolves around three people – a corporate honcho, an army officer and a young boy.

It would be of great happiness to me if you could all read this book and spread the word about it. I look forward to your reviews on Shaheen Must Die – a romantic thriller; a love story that lay buried under the snow until a young boy decided to unearth it. This intense and power packed tale is close to my heart and I hope it touches yours’ too.

The book has been edited and published by an upcoming publishing house – And All in partnership with Writing Geeks. The book reading event is to be conducted at the Oxford Bookstore in New Delhi on the 24th of February.

Happy Reading!

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Shaheen Must Die – A Romantic Patriotic Thriller


An army officer who now wears the uniform of a prisoner.

A corporate tycoon who sacrifices his all for one young soul.

A boy ready to become an icon his generation, with a secret burning question of his own.

What do these three have in common?


The intense and powerful story of Shaheen Must Die brings in an unusual display of courage from a trio of unforgettable characters. This action packed book has twists and turns that traverse the army, the corporate world and the dark underbelly of a prison complex.


On the great occasion of #RepublicDay, we are proud to present the cover of “Shaheen Must Die”! What makes this cover an extra special one is the fact that this book has been penned by none other than celebrated public figure and ex army officer Captain Rakesh Walia.

Having risen and succeeded amidst extraordinary challenges in life, he has carved a niche for himself in the highest corporate echelons and as a motivational speaker, after an illustrious military career. This book is his foray into the world of fiction literature. His first book Broken Crayons Can Still Colour  is his autobiography.

As a publishing house, And All in partnership with Writing Geeks, is proud to bring out this great man’s first fiction novel!