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Greetings to all of you from Capt Rakesh Walia,

I would like to introduce you all to a very special project that I have been working on. But, first I would like to talk about the key ingredient that went into this project – Faith.

Shaheen Must Die

With faith, I have managed to overcome a number of adversities in life – starting from my childhood to my life as an army officer and then in the corporate world. Now, as I build my author brand, I would like to invite you all to not only read this book – but to also look within yourselves and find your true calling. I have reached thus far with a sense of creativity and the burning urge to tell a story. So what is your story?

While on the subject of the book, I would like to firstly mention that it is a culmination of my imagination and is only the start point of my life as a fiction author. Shaheen is a character that represents the inner trappings that challenge us and I have used this character to showcase patriotism and the love of a parent for his child as well. The book revolves around three people – a corporate honcho, an army officer and a young boy.


It would be of great happiness to me if you could all read this book and spread the word about it. I look forward to your reviews on Shaheen Must Die – a romantic thriller; a love story that lay buried under the snow until a young boy decided to unearth it. This intense and power packed tale is close to my heart and I hope it touches yours’ too.

The book has been edited and published by an upcoming publishing house – And All in partnership with Writing Geeks. The book reading event is to be conducted at the Oxford Bookstore in New Delhi on the 24th of February.

Happy Reading!

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